Why we need feminism

Pcuter from the women's march

An introduction to the women’s world

Every man that might end up here and starts rolling his eyes now, before you click away just stay for a while, tag along and read carefully because you might learn something new. This is not – solemnly – going to be a rant but more an elaboration, an introduction into our world because men and women live in two different ones. And I’m not talking about that Venus-Mars stuff but how we experience the actual world. I would say “sorry” if I do start to rant at some point but honestly? I am not sorry at all, why should I? I have every right to be angry at this point just as every other woman. We’ve been silent for so long, it is enough! But let me try to explain in a peaceful manner why we need feminism.

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Young marriage

My engagement ring framing my I do to our marriage

I met my husband when he was 24 and I was 18. I just graduated and was about to start studying at the university in Berlin while he was in the mid of getting his master’s and already working as a teacher since some time. It wasn’t a fairytale kind of thing. We met simply over Facebook and wrote for a year before my first visit to Morocco, the country I would later not only fall in love with but also call my home already way before living there.

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Getting misdiagnosed – Why we schould learn to listen to our bodies

Daily report at a clinic from a Doctor. ataywithjos.com

This topic is one that breaks my heart and makes me so angry until today. I can say by now that I genuinely do not trust Doctors and I have to deal with panic attacks just thinking about gynecologists, which is very unpractical as a woman. How did it get so far you ask? Well, let me tell start at the beginning.

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What to know about Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and how it affects life

Butterflies with open wings are often used as an imagery to picture the thyroid gland, which is the organ affected by Hashimoto's thyreoditis.

Before I start I do wanna note that I am by far no professional but living nearly 10 years with an autoimmune disease that, even though it is quite common, most Doctors don’t know enough about, you start researching a lot. A lot of questions can not necessarily be answered and at some point, you might even stop trusting Docs in general. So, you start looking for answers yourself, connect with other people and keep learning. One thing I learned is, that there not that many personal blogs about Hashimoto’s, so hey! Here I am! That’s why I wanna take you on the journey with me. Not only do I wanna explain it to you the best I can but also hope we can learn about it together.

The Hashimoto’s disease is the most common cause of hypothyroidism and is an autoimmune disease that causes the body to develop antibodies against the thyroid gland due to chronic inflammation. It affects women ten times more than men and can have several causes of which not all are discovered yet. The most common Hashimoto cause and causes for inner inflammation are food allergies/insensitivity, that’s why some people can control their Hashimoto’s autoimmune disease with a diet that often contains gluten, lactose, and dairy free food. Other known Hashimoto root causes are chronic stress and genes.

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